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We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality service. Here are the people working for you every day to repair your vehicle.

Jerry White

  • I'm Jerry White and I have over 37 years experience in the automotive repair industry. While growing up in Charlotte I have worked for some of the best independent shops in the Charlotte area such as Gordon's auto service, Ken Griffen Auto repair and Kinsey's transmission and motor service. I started working for the sons of Kirk Brown as an ASE Certified Master Auto Technician in the 80's. In 1993 I was ready for the challenge of small business ownership when Haines and Reid Brown were ready to retire. Haines and Reid understood that I would carry on the ethics and business practices that were established by Kirk Brown himself. I have been able to accomplish this by never losing focus on always doing what is in the best interest of the customer. I take personal pride in the quality of work and the professionalism my staff consistently provides our customers. Health issues have forced me to retire from the day to day routine of running Kirk Brown and Sons. The vision that I share with Kirk Brown of being the experts in automotive service and repair on all makes and models while never compromising integrity continues to be the core of success for our business. I know that Kirk Brown and Sons will continue to be a leader in the automotive industry and a partner to the community with my brother's 20 plus years of experience and my son's fresh energy and leadership.

Joey White

  • I'm Joey White and I have grown up in and around the automotive business literally all of my life. From an early age my dad, Jerry White, has instilled the importance of leadership, work ethic, pursuit of excellence and customer service. Through achieving my goals of National Honor Society, being the starting quarterback all of my football career, and a varsity starter in basketball all of my of my High School Career has taught me the importance of leadership, teamwork and persistence towards perfection. As I continue my lifelong pursuit of greater education, I am fascinated with the continuing change of automotive technology and understanding how these changes affect the consumer and repair industry. There is nothing I find more satisfying than being a part of the diagnostic process towards solving a customer's automotive headaches the first time. Away from work I have many interest in my life. I continue to enjoy playing and watching sports. I am a Panthers and Hornets fan. You can always count on me to go to see live music or head to the Blueridge Mountains for hiking or camping.

Roman Vejar

  • I'm Roman Vejar and I have been working for Kirk Brown and Sons for over 12 years now. I was born in Texas and moved to Charlotte at a young age and I have been here ever since. I have really enjoyed working at Kirk Brown and Sons. I can repair any automotive problem that is given to me to solve. I enjoy doing custom exhaust work and having a Ben Parsons top of the line pipe bender helps me make any pipe that I need to make. I appreciate the emphasis on continued education that is provided by Kirk Brown and Sons to help keep me up to date with the latest automotive technology. I couldn't imagine working at another shop. This is home for me and I am treated like family especially when I need to do something outside of work for my own family. Outside of work you can usually find me in my workshop working on something around the house that needs fixed. I enjoy going to the beach with my wife and kids as often as I can.

Scott Lee

  • I'm Scott Lee and I have been in the automotive business for close to 30 years. I have gained a massive amount of knowledge through working at Honda, Hyundai and GM dealerships over the years. The core of why I have been working for Kirk Brown and Sons for the past few years is because it allows me to apply my electrical and diagnostic strengths towards a variety of situations on various makes and models. It is also important for me to be in a position that allows me to see how my expertise and services benefit the families that have been doing business with Kirk Brown and sons for so many years. When I am not hooked up to a car with a scan tool or replacing failed parts I enjoy playing lead guitar for my rock and roll band ' Probable Cause. I also enjoy travelling and spending time with my grandchildren.

Frank Smith

  • Frank has been an automotive technician for 40 years. He brings a lot of experience with him, that you can not learn in any school. Frank has taken care of family's cars in Myers park for years. He has a reputation of being a honest and trustworthy mechanic. Frank has been a valuable asset to Kirk Browns since joining our staff. Frank does his very best to fix our customers cars right the first time.

John White

  • Assistant service manager John is Jerry White's middle son. He grew up hanging around the shop with his father. He has wanted to work in the family business and takeover one day. John graduated from Nation Ford High School where he was an outstanding football player and wrestler. He has studied automotive science at CPCC and is A certified NC State Inspector.

Ty Fehrenbacher

  • Ty graduated from Western Carolina University. He has studied automotive science. He is a certified NC State Inspector. Ty grew up in Durham, NC and lives with his wife in Pineville. Ty has a great work ethic and thoroughly inspects your vehicle for hidden problems that may cause a breakdown.

Bailey Vejar

  • Bailey is a hard worker and does everything at Kirk Browns. He cleans the shop, takes customers home, and is a general service tech. Bailey also is a second generation employee at Kirk Browns. His father Roman has worked for us for over 16 years.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I love this store, the people are so friendly, if you ask a question Joey will answer in a Friendly manner, I noticed they were a lot of male customers, (I was told a long time ago by friend, if you see a lot of male customers in an auto shop then you know this is the one you need to take your car to) As silly as this statement sounds it's also true. But at Kirks I have total faith that my car will be treated well, and I always feel trust when leaving my car in good hands.

-Olive H.

I've been to a lot of auto shops. None comes close to the kind of service you get from Kirk Brown.


I have trusted Kirk Brown with my auto service needs for over 20 years. They are thorough, informed about my Volvo, and do not make unnecessary repairs.


Always a good experience, fast and friendly service. Prices are very fair and you always get honest answers.


Excellent service, clear communication, very thorough.

-Michelle R.

Awesome. We took a car there we were considering buying and they checked it out for us. They did a very thorough job.

-Marsha G.

There service was excellent, they checked out my car found the problem. I will be recommending them to anyone I know, they were honest and upfront about the work I needed done.

-Michael W.

Personable, hard-working, and efficient. So glad I have them. Highly recommend.

-Caitlin S.

Overall a good job getting the Jeep to pass inspection, however 2 small issues did stop me giving top marks. 1) The vacuum line to the cabs air vent control had a filter put in (good) however it was put in backwards so none of the vents worked till I flipped it round the right way. 2) I assume to replace the Intake manifold the A/C compressor had to be moved/disconnected because someone for got to re-charge the system afterwards. Not a major problem I had a can of refrigerant in the garage however it did take a while to recharge the system and damn that can gets cold. Not to detract from the otherwise great job they did. I also appreciate the extra effort they went to when sourcing a used manifold online (to help keep the bill down). Needless to say I will be taking both the scion and the Jeep back for inspection next year

-James S.

My car suddenly evacuated all of its coolant, thankfully from behind the radiator and not from the radiator itself. Thinking I had a simple punctured lower hose, but not having ramps to look & work on it myself, I took my car to Kirk Brown & Sons this afternoon after dumping some water in the reservoir. They were able to put it up immediately and diagnose the problem - obnoxiously, the heater core had blown. I was surprised when they offered me both reasonable solutions to the problem - replace the heater core or simply bypass it. Most places wouldn't have offered the latter solution, since it's much cheaper. Still, I opted for the former, since I wanted the heat to work in my car. Bill White, the gentleman I dealt with there, was very honest and straightforward, and gave me a fair price to replace the core and the connector hoses, which he was able to obtain today, getting my car back to me in just over four hours. I highly recommend this auto shop; in a sea of shady mechanics, I was duly impressed by the square deal and speedy turnaround I received here.

-Ian F.

We have relied on them for years (nearly two decades). They always deliver excellent service with integrity. In addition, they are really great mechanics and diagnosticians. For example, we recently took our 2006 Toyota van to them when it began to shift roughly and display the "check engine" light. The local Toyota dealer read the OBD2 code and, in less than 30 minutes of "diagnostic" time, decided a $6500 transmission was needed. BIll and his colleagues were not convinced, and took the time to actually diagnose the problem, which turned out to be not the transmission, but rather a combination of a bad computer and weak signal from one of the sensors. They made the repairs, and they were spot on. The transmission was and is fine, and the problems went away.

-Rodney A.

The guys at Kirk Brown are awesome. It's a family business with a long, long history of serving Cotswold well. They're fair, honest, friendly and dependable. A real pleasure. I mean seriously, when was the last time you saw ANYTHING on Google with a 30/30 rating? The finest restaurants in town barely top 25. Kirk Brown deserves it. Don't go anywhere else.

-Kenneth S.

This could be the best auto shop in Charlotte. The guys at Kirk and Sons make you feel like a welcome customer from your first visit. They do NOT try to oversell you on getting more work done than is necessary. I brought my car in with an accelerator sensor issue- Autozone quoted me $200 for the part alone to fix this issue. When I brought it in to Joey he took a look and decided that by simply cleaning the attached throttle box the sensor could function properly. A few hours later (they were slammed that day) I get a call from Joey that the throttle box had been cleaned and the car tested for 20 miles without incident. These guys are quick, professional, and are native English speakers which can help when trying to navigate the confusing world of auto repairs.

-Robert S.

Great shop! They know how to truly repair cars.

-Jay K.

Fantastic, knowledgeable people who you can TRUST! !!

-Murphy C.

My family and I have taken many vehicles to this shop. They are always kind and understanding and patient. They don't mind explaining what the problem is and they always let you know upfront what the cost is going to be. I would and will recommend them to anyone in need of an honest fair mechanic!

-Beth H.

What a great shop!!! Fast, friendly, they know what they do, they fix nearly everything a dealer would do, but cheaper. They do not sneak around wrong and high prices. Had my car there for some repairs and I was always happy after that. Trustworthy!

-Chiffre N.

I can't believe how lucky I got to have found a great place to service my car in the Charlotte area. Joey and his family have consistently done quality repairs on my car, flexible with time, and have given me rides back to my house instead of hanging around the shop for hours. Unfortunately, I've moved out of NC, but if I'm in town they will definitely be checking my car. A hidden gem of Charlotte!

-Johanna S.
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